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Hi I’m Amie, founder and Acupuncturist at Sakura Acupuncture Clinic.

Welcome to my blog! If you are reading this you have found my website, I welcome you and look forward to being a part of your healing journey. So, who am I? Well the first thing you should know about me is I’m very passionate about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I could literally talk about it for hours, or days! The second thing is I love to cook! Keep an eye on this page as I will be posting healthy and beauty boosting recipes.

I live in Brisbane with my darling George and my gorgeous fluffy dog, Teddy. My journey to Brisbane was quite long winded taking me from the U.K. to all corners of Australia and finally Brisbane, which I love! I have finally found home in this beautiful city.

So why did I decide to be an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner?

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in health, I wanted to help and care for people. So at age 16 I started my career in pharmacy (that would turn into 11 wonderful years of learning). I initially wanted to be a doctor before deciding I wouldn’t get enough one on one time to take care of the patients! So I studied nursing, this way I could spend time by their bedside caring for  them. After 2 years of study and multiple health issues I decided to take a break for a year.

I always knew I would like to study Chinese Medicine at some point and thought I could do that after finishing my nursing degree, (yes, I was an ambitious woman back then!)

After a year of recovery and trialling various pharmaceuticals over the years, I was introduced to natural medicine in a personal way. I fell in love with natural medicine and decided to leave nursing behind. I enrolled into another health degree, this time Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, as this would allow me to care for patients in a more holistic way.

By this stage, I had learnt a lot about health and the impacts of the environment, nutrition and finding your balance in life. The more I learnt about Chinese medicine, the more I wanted to know. It is an extremely old medicine, (over 3,000 years!) and there is an endless amount of learning involved, this suited me perfectly. Not only does Chinese medicine allow me to help people on their healing journey physically, it incorporates nutrition, lifestyle factors and many methods of self-care.

As they always say, prevention is better than cure and I’m a strong believer in this. A positive mindset is key in my life (I’m a huge fan of affirmations!) I receive weekly acupuncture sessions to help keep my body in check whilst also maintaining a balanced lifestyle. I’m a self-proclaimed yoga and Pilates addict, I love to cook, read a book in the sunshine or take a long hot bath after a busy day.

Finding your balance in life is an ongoing journey with constant changes along the way, although by taking care of ourselves we truly can be the best version of ourselves. Everyone’s idea of balance is different and everyone’s journey is different, and that’s ok. Life would be boring if we were all the same!

My other true joy in life is travel. I’ve had the travel bug since a young age and love everything about it, the different cultures, foods, ways of life, environments, languages and of course meeting so many different people around the world. I have found it truly gives you another perspective on life, gratitude and appreciation for the big beautiful world we live in. I hope to one day travel the world and help overseas by volunteering for Acupuncture Without Borders to trauma sites in need.

Thank you for reading my first blog! Look out for lots of great health and beauty tips, recipes and info I will be posting.

See you in the clinic,


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