Best of The Bone – Lemon Pepper Green Curry + Collagen Peptides 375g

375g JARS – 37+ serves.  

Best of the Bone BROTH+ = lemon pepper, green curry spices with the bioavailable Best of the Bone broth concentrate goodness that includes 80+ trace minerals, nearly 40% collagen (the highest natural collagen of any bone broth) and even more added goodness.  Added grass-fed collagen peptides provide an even higher level of absorbable collagen protein.

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our body. Collagen keeps our skin young and elastic – meaning prevention of wrinkles.  Collagen is the building block for our bones and is the glue that binds our body together. Our skin, blood vessels, and tendons need collagen.   With age or poor diet we do not produce enough collagen and our skin, joints and gut health are compromised.

37 serves.

Refrigerate after opening – will last until ‘Best By’ date on jar (several months).



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