Stress & Anxiety

Acupuncture has long been known for its calming and sedative properties, going back over 2000 years!

Leave that inner anxiety, those sleepless nights and ticking mind behind.

Stress and anxiety are extremely common in today’s society. The pressure of our everyday lives can often be overwhelming, coupled with the speed the world is running at. The effects of stress can also cause imbalances such as digestive issues, menstrual issues and decreased immunity.

At Sakura Acupuncture Clinic, we often see patients to help support them during stressful periods or to help them manage the effects of stress. Acupuncture can be used alone or alongside other methods to naturally calm your mind and body. During an acupuncture treatment the body will often switch from the ‘fight or flight’ mode (sympathetic nervous system), into ‘rest and digest’ mode (parasympathetic nervous system). Have you ever heard the gurgling of your stomach during an acupuncture treatment? This is a positive response as it means your digestive system is turning on and ready to digest (instead of preparing to run from a tiger!)

Research has highlighted the calming effects of acupuncture involves inhibition on the sympathetic nervous system and enhanced release of the feel good hormones β-endorphin, serotonin and dopamine.

The acu-points Yin Tang and Shen Men have well-known sedative and calming effects that will help you get that well deserved rest you have been waiting for. Yin Tang has even been used to relieve preoperative anxiety!

Yin Tang

Yin Tang is found midway between the eyebrows, in the area also commonly referred to as the third eye. Unlike most acupuncture points, it is not part of a meridian but is an extraordinary point, with powerful functions at reducing insomnia, anxiety, nasal congestion and frontal headaches.

Massage this point at home to help calm your mind.

Ear Shen Men

Shen Men or ‘heavenly gate’ is a master point that is electrically active, regulating the sympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety, encouraging relaxation and can even be used in the treatment of addictions, inflammation, pain and more.

Massage this point whenever you start to feel anxious or overwhelmed or ask your practitioner about ear seeds that can help keep the effects going during treatments.  

There are many natural options available to help reduce some of the symptoms, with mindfulness currently very popular. Mindfulness offers wonderful tools that can help teach us useful techniques to help manage and process our anxiety. Our Acupuncturist, Amie will often recommend some useful tools during your consultation you can use at home or when you are out and about, to calm the mind.

All the sources of information & accompanying research relating to this page can be viewed on Section three of Our Research & References page.